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Trump and the Reich Wing Extremists starting the War on Christmas bullshit early.

What the fuck ever. Then there’s the Alabama congressional candidate “Judge Roy” who said that not standing for the anthem and refusing to say the pledge of allegiance are crimes. And even Christians are compelled to celebrate Non-Christian holidays like easter and christmas. Which is pure bullshit. That might be construed as overkill and repetitive and overdone reactionary but the War on Christmas screeching and gnashing of teeth, it’s really used to threaten primarily Jews and Muslims in all their myriad manifestions. Like, for instance, Christianity. But of course those Christian sects which are not part of their approved lists of churches they consider worthy of the name of Christ. Usually that works out to be only one congregation and maybe a cloned congregation in the next county. “OUR Catholic/Episcopalian/Presbyterian/Orthodox congregation is better than YOUR Catholic/Episcopalian/Presbyterian/Orthodox congregation which we consider blasphemy for whatever the literally Hell nitpicking reason we can find to hate you and consign your souls to eternal suffering”. My father called that UnLove.
The entire world needs to cut that shit out and do it soon. Really soon. I’d say “today” type of soon.

Ted’s Montana Grill wants to rewild the American west with BISON not buffalo. Bison would be Lakota for ERASURE.

盈彩彩票TATONKA is the Lakota word for Buffalo, or Bison as the white man calls the buffalo now. The difference would seem to be academic, maybe more to the zoologist than the historian. So what’s the big deal? Apparently the buffalo of the American West is not related to the Cape Buffalo of Africa, nor the Buffalo of the water, so it’s not a buffalo, it’s a bison. Okay. The whale shark is not a whale but we don’t call it a bison. Considering the plethora of creeks, hills, lodges and gals named Buffalo, you wonder what’s so damned correct about calling them bison. I’ll tell you. ERASURE. Apparently if Buffalo Bill had known those vast herds were BISON, darling herbivor of today’s most favorable carbon hoofprint status, Bill wouldn’t have carpet-gunned them in record numbers. What he killed into near-extinction were buffalo, of the hides, robes, dances, ceremonies, grasses, and rifles.

Fukishima aka Japan’s Chenyobl… and what does it mean for Colorado?

Well, it’s heating up. With the easiest way to measure and describe “radiation” : Heat. Temperature. Caloric Index. Right now it’s at the level to actually light concrete on fire. I was going to subtitle The Japan Syndrome but that whole China盈彩彩票 Syndrome schtick is outdated by several decades. Melt a hole through to China盈彩彩票, yeah. So I restrained myself from including it. There’s amerikkka’s very own ticking time bomb right outside of Dallas. At Glen Rose. You might say, as I sometimes do when I forget to use quantum logic, you know, the core of any unit of mass, time, space and energy being at the same place at the same time (it just seems redundant) and to mangle a line from Huxley, everything belongs to everything else. But I digress. The fastest shorcut not involving quantum theory is there are no significant mountains between here and there. The Rolling Hills, the exact name thereof, is where the reactor is, at Comanche Peak. If you go southwest you have Ranger Peak, the highest geologic feature in Texas east of the Pecos and named after the Texas Rangers, cops not baseball, had an incident with the Comanches in which for a change didn’t involve getting the Rangers slaughtered. They’re not as bad-ass as they portray themselves. And that’s not in the way. The Llano Estacado, “Staked Plains” but they’re no barrier. Maybe for riding a horse or walking, but for airborne fallout, nah. And Comanche Peak has started experiencing seismic events. This was discussed when several events happened, Haiti, Fukishima, Deepwater Horizon,and the Upper Big Branch Corporate Mass Murder of 29 miners. All of which, including the Comanche Peak reactor, have ties to Halliburton, Bush and Donald Trump, the Koch family and the Corporate Big Pigs are talking much smack about releasing all of these bastards from the fetters of “unwarranted safety regulations” including and especially for the Fracking companies… who apparently broke the substrate in North Central Texas to the point there is measurable and sometimes palpable (no need to get out your dictionary it’s “able to be felt by the human body”) earthquake activity all over North Texas. Which the Frackers say is impossible. They simply have to lie.

And their Big Pig comrades like Trump and Don Blankenship and Bush and Cheney and Perry and Doug Lamborn and basically their entire rat-bastard families tell us that it’s none of our business and included in the proposed destruction of all regulatory measures, they’ll have police and courts prosecuting and imprisoning citizens who dare ask for details of what is done to our water, air, basic ability to walk outside without getting radiation poisoning… Just like they’ve been doing, essentially, only now it’s on the way to being official. We’ll be prosecuted for exposing or trying to expose THEIR crimes. They all try to act all “tough” and “macho” about it but they’re essentially coward bitches who hide behind the Peasant Army and the fascist police and courts.

The richest bitches in America are poised to make it illegal to even ask for information on the pollution they’re spreading into our air soil and water. Deregulation, it’s called. While Fukeshima burns, and everywhere between Comanche Peak to Cheyenne Mountain is about to become an uninhabitable desert for millions of years. All to make a profit for them.

Their deep bunkers won’t do them a bit of good either. They’ll get their Roentgens rationed and die more slowly and in a lot more pain.

That isn’t a good thing, because we’ll be subjected to it too.

While I’m in a corrective mood, you might have noticed that I have different spellings for the Russian (Ukrainian)  and Japanese reactors because they’re not english words and you get to read it as phonetics, you lucky persons you. The alternative option is to learn Japanese and Russian. Which I haven’t.

The Jihad in Mumbai

Some are more familiar with the way the British occupiers pronounced it “Bombay”. It’s got a huge Muslim presence, so does India in general. Under the British “protectorate” because it’s not polite to call them Imperialists anymore. Even though the Queen does still hold the title of Empress. That’s beside the point. Under the protectorate Britain called the following “India”; Iran, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka which used to be Ceylon, there’s been a lot of name changes, Thailand was Siam until I was 11 years old, you know, and knowing the younger readers think I’m ancient… but no, these changes were pretty much around my lifetime. But there’s a Church in Mumbai. No big deal, right? Before the English took possession of the entire region after the Napoleonic wars, we are taught in Merka are used to calling it the War of 1812, which “our” participation was mainly getting stomped by the British a few times and calling it a draw, and Andrew Jackson simply taking Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, the Mega-Rez called Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, in case you’re not paying attention you notice that there’s a lot of native names, and Indiana was ceded to the Tribes “for as long as grass grows” you know the lying spiel…

The British and their allies took a lot more than that. Like India. The “French and Indian War” was referred to as the 7 Years War and still is called that everywhere except to our bumpkin backwater podunk pseudo-democracy ‘merka. Even Canada refers to the proper name.

Churchill called it the “REAL” first world war. It was that big. So were the Napoleonic Wars. /history lesson, for now.

Anyhoo…  this church surrounded by a huge Muslim majority, and a lot of Hindu and Buddhist populations, is the Church of St Thomas.

The Thomas who refused to recognize Jesus resurrected. Doubting Thomas. That St Thomas, yeah. He founded the church in Mumbai. It’s first century CE or AD whichever floats you boat. There’s a lot of hoo-haw about Muslims burning churches and the people of those churches. Like the Church in Antioch which was pretty much destroyed by U.S. bombing raids. There’s a big lie making the scene, has been since the Crusades, that all Arabians and Turks and Persians (Iran, Afghanistan…) are forced to be Muslim. Which is Bullshit.

The Abyssinian Catholic Church in Iraq, you remember Iraq, right? “Our” country tore the place apart and are forcing the people of Iraq to pay for the damages. For Real. Ten percent of the pre-ameriklan conquest population were Christian, AND there are synagogues in most of the countries especially the Big 7 that are banned from immigration, the ones where Donald Trump and his asshole Wall Street Comrades don’t own the entire country, And Churches. The Church of St Thomas has been in operation for 2000 years and likewise in Syria (Antioch) and this puts the lie to the lips of those who claim a huge persecution against Christians and Jews.

How many churches in America have been torched by Muslim Jihadi? Well, there’s the two which were torched in Texas just in the past three weeks, oh, wait, Those Were Two Mosques Torched By People Who Call Themselves CHRISTIAN.

The KKK and other right wing extremists have been burning Black churches since the end of the civil war. They’ve attacked Catholic Churches HERE. So who are the REAL American Jihadim? Our punk-ass representative Doug Lamborn is a member of the Heritage Foundation, a Klan front group. Quite a few “christian” Terrorist Bitches, including the New Fuhrer Trump. Right Wing Talk Radio and FOX News spend a whole lot of time praising these Murderous Coward Punks as “heroes of the faith”

Not done calling out names. Bill O’Reilly, Douche Limbaugh, Ollie North, The Bush Family of seriously inbred congenital liars and thieves, round up the usual suspects. I would puke just thinking of it but it would be a waste of a good breakfast. Bottom Line, we has met the enemy and they is U.S.

The United States is the foremost purveyor of Terrorism and Totalitarian philosophy and actions in the entire world. The cowardly punk assholes who believe they have a right to own the entire country think they have a right to own the entire world and they blasphemously say it in the name of Christ. As an American and as a Christian I’m deeply offended.

Just how much do you “christian” coward ass pukes, disciples of Trump, how much do you think Jesus must be offended? I pity you.

The stench of your evil reaches to heaven.

Ray Charles died the same day as Reagan

Damn, I sure do miss Ray Charles. Some people say that Black folk protecting their families and communities is equivalent to the Klan. Which is bullshit. Let me quantify that. 93.7 cubic kilometers of bullshit. One group that fought against Civil Rights and to this day claim that Equal Rights means Special Rights… is a group associated closely with the Klan called the John Birch Society.  The Birchers. Named for a racist Baptist preacher/missionary who used his pulpit as a cover for being an anti-Chinese spy in China盈彩彩票. And got his stupid ass shot off. Ronald Reagan was Treasurer for this bunch of Right Wing Terrorists. Want me to tie them to religious terrorism? Easy. I worship sometimes with Southern Baptist congregations. I’m not really that damn picky.  I know, socially it’s a downgrade from my usual friends, whores, drunkards, sinners, you know.  Jesus said something about that in relation to John the BAPTIST. Who was a Nazarite, like Samson. A lot more to it than not cutting one’s hair or beard. It’s an order of priesthood, and yeah, they did some stuff that would be called Terrorism if any group of Middle Eastern religious or ethnic groups, like Samaritans who were Israelites but not Jews did it. Like Irgun and Likud they would beat up on any imperial troops.

Yeah, Jesus’ cousin was a Zealot and probably had people killed, not just Romans but collaborators with the Romans. When Arabs or Persians or Afghans do it it’s called Terrorism. When Israel or the U.S. do it it’s called Exceptionalism. Reagan and the Birchers were very much in favor of Exceptionalism.

Back to the Baptist connections. Quick quiz here, does any of my readers recall why exactly there is a denomination called Southern Baptist and why the Southern Methodists broke off from the general conventions of the Baptist and Methodist churches?

Waiting waiting wa.. times up. They broke off over the question of Should Missionaries (like John Birch) be allowed to be slaveowners and vice-versa. The Southern Methodists didn’t change the name of their college in University Park Texas. But they did reconcile with the United Methodists IN MY LIFETIME.  The Southern Baptist Churches never did give in and say that, hey, Slavery is Wrong.

And they’re still associated heavily with the Ku Klux Klan. Now, I don’t hate white folks.  Even the ones who hate me.  I ain’t going to vote for any Klan collaborators though. They (Republicans and especially Reaganites) refrain from screaming their hate in my face on one special type of occasion. An Election. At that point they get positively lovey-dovey about how much they enjoy and hope to serve Blacks, Indians, Mexicans, Disabled people, poor people in general… And they actually believe that we’re all stupid enough to believe them.

So, now, just before an election Bill O’Reilly, Chickenhawk Supreme, author of a book about a fellow Chickenhawk Bitch-ass coward named Ronald Reagan, well, he got that book turned in to a movie and the premiere is tonight on television. Guess who ain’t going to watch it nor buy the book?

I’m glad the fake-“hero” Reagan is dead. He’s in Hell where he belongs.
Ronald Reagan wasn’t a hero, but he played one on TV and in the movies. Ray Charles was a singer who lost his sight in childhood, and used his fame as a platform to break down the Segregation which Reagan tried his best to perpetuate.

Because phreak Google, that’s why

I’m going to redo my operating system on my mobiles. Change it to Kali Linux  They’ll still work as far as the phone company is concerned. Google has become megalomaniac on us. They act like they god-damn invented the internet, and have first dibs on every bit of data — every datum would be more accurate. They’re the ultimate snoops. Any measure of privacy flew out the Windows (had to pun that, sorry) years ago. In order to use the Android OS on my devices I would have to pay Google. Maybe not directly, but in bandwidth which is paid in my internet provider and the phone provider. Every time I take my phone out of airplane mode, Google has more than one “essential app” to update. Fuck that. Essential to whom, exactly?  I don’t use Google + or youtube ultra-fantastic-consume-don’t ask,  just consume, we’ll tell you what to consume and at what price consume consume resistance is futile you must be assimilated. It’s the “soft” Capitalist Dictatorship of Brave New World. I don’t use their products, but they get root access to all my communications devices and according to the phone manufacturers, rooting my own phone would void my non-existent warranty.

Google has joined the ranks of those who can Line up and take turns helping yourself to a Texas sized all-you-can-eat buffet of Kiss my Liberal Ass.  In an advanced and enlightened society it would be legal to hunt them. Compliance is futile, I will NOT be assimilated.

The Android network makes it easier to communicate between Android devices, and all others must bow before that and wait their turn, humbly, with all servitude. Like a Masonic handshake.

You might have read about the lawsuit by the “justice” department to force Apple to comply with them in putting spyware and a root-level password for them to listen into any conversation, anywhere in the world, regardless of in which political /territorial imperative the devices are sold or used. Fuck that shit. Did you notice something unsettling in all that? They didn’t file a similar lawsuit against Google or Microsoft. By the United States federales. The FBI is claiming jurisdiction over the entire world,and Google and Microsoft have bowed down and sworn fealty to the Beast. There are 99 million results for “ceo of Google”. If you extrapolate that to only ten persons per website that comes out to more people than there are in the entire world. And yes, a lot of people are calling it a manifestation of Antichrist.

It’s the global police state, served up on a platform you pay to implement. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, is about impossible to contact at all. Like any kind of customer support at Google. There’s a discussion on Google called fuck google  at the Orwellian named YouTube Help Forum.  It’s a laugh a minute. There are a few Google cultists replying to the mass of curses tossed at youtube in particular but google in general. They claim to be volunteers. All day and all night. It’s like talking to spam bots.

“please be calm and do not swear” and “google is a good product” and similar babytalk answers. If they’re not lying each is doing a full shift every day, no breaks and no days off, as Volunteers, for what might be the richest internet corporation in the world. What, can’t Google afford to actually, you know, PAY their workers? And what manner of moron would work under that condition?


So called “patriots day” 911

Why not, eh? If you say you love your police state government and you love your flag, pick the motherf- (ahem) cloth idol up when you drop it.If I had the foolish habit of saluting the flag each time I pass it, I would have to glue my right hand over my left chest, just from the ones you idiots let fly off your vehicles and leave in the gutter. Hey, that’s real patriotism, ain’t it? There’s a lot of evidence, not real proof of course, that your rich-bitch masters who you also wish me to revere as “leaders” set up 9-11.

Like no colonels or generals killed at the Pentagon and there were no trade ministers, CEOs of any corporations, especially banking, just a bunch of lower management and labor employees in the Twin Towers. On a Not-Holiday Tuesday in September in the mid morning. I’m calling shenanigans.

I also ain’t going to fly any flags or do any useless praise for the Police State being spread across the world, violently, at a taxpayer expense of trillions of dollars, to somehow “avenge” 9-11.

Note: one of the flags I pulled out of a ditch was just outside Woodland Park some years ago, I was out walking that ribbon of highway and saw above me that endless skyway, and saw below me a place to duck behind a tree to relieve my bladder. And… there, a familiar pattern showed up… and I said to myself, as I often do, “Self, another one of those fake ‘patriots’ lost a flag, and was too god-damned lazy to pick it up”. What’s the excuse, y’all? If you’re heading into Woodland freakin’ Park are you seriously that damned pressed for time that you can’t pull over, pull your idol out of the mud and then go on your way? What is there in Woodland Park that won’t be there in five minutes? Did you think the whole town would be dismantled and moved or be deserted by the time you get there?

Here’s a nice part. It was in a rat’s nest and really dirty.

When I got into Woodland Park I stopped at the Fire Station and asked if they have any kind of, you know, protocol to give the flag a military funeral as prescribed in the Flag Code. They had none, and suggested that I ask the VFW or American Legion. So I went to the vets, who also didn’t have anything set up, and suggested the Boy Scouts. First they said Fire Department but ..

I wound up doing it myself.

See, I pick up your flags, and take pictures of them, and every now and then post what’s being done in the name of Patriotism, to shame you. Not that you have enough personal dignity to feel shame, but I try, really I do.
I used to be a boy scout and when I was in High School I was ROTC and when I came of age I joined the Air Farts, and unlike George Bush I actually finished my enlistment, stayed in until my Honorable discharge. Not that I liked them or agreed with their agenda. I just, you know, had given my word to do so.

“in Donald Trump’s America…”

Ok that’s just stupid. But it’s his attack ad and I guess the scriptwriters for his campaign know what they’re doing. Polishing a turd, really. It starts with an attack on Hillary, good, she needs to be verbally slapped around a bit. NOTICE: I don’t advocate hitting people. Talking smack is way more effective and it’s also morally correct. Same with her declared opponent.
First off. it AIN’T Trumps america. He doesn’t own the place. Nor do his disciples. Then there’s the fact that America is actually two continents, and only one part of one continent is going to be represented by whichever morally corrupt power freak “wins”. and much as it upsets some citizens of the United States, the US doesn’t own even the U.S.

The dispute over the so-called right for the oil industry to put in a pipeline anywhere they god-damn please is roaring big at Standing Rock. The White Supremacists who want to put Trump in power, how much do you want to bet on whether they support the Lakota or the Oil Fat-Cats? Trump’s handlers haven’t allowed him to make a stateHatement because they’re sure he’ll fuck it up. Hillary has with her silence on the way the Taxpayer (federal) subsidized police who are in effect subsidizing the Oil Companies, are treating the Lakota. And people from more than a hundred other tribes. Nor has she or Mr Trump said anything in support of actual Indian Sovereignty. They’ve both made statements against it in the past. Now their handlers are hoping it goes away sometime in the next 8 weeks. Ha ha! Ain’t happenin’, babies.

Chump’s most outspoken disciples believe he’ll make a White Rule Republic in the sad little portion of america called the United States by literate people and idiots say it like it’s all of america. And the world for that matter. If Chump wants to explain how that would be even legal or rebuke his disciples, one or the other, that would be a good start at REAL discussion. As it is, his disciples are going around telling us that “when” he gets elected the rest of us are going to do what Mr Trump tells us Or Else. That, too, is STUPID. You would have to be suffering drug induced Moron Episodes to believe you’ll be running anything regardless of who “wins” the election. It will be who has the biggest minority of the vote, especially if you count those who vote to refuse.

In other words, the people on any side of the divide ain’t going to do a single squeaky fart about anything that even resembles making the Other Side do their bidding. Do yourselves a favor, stop going around saying that either Hillary or Donald will substantially change the Corporate Police State. You’ll seem to be more lucid, sane and intelligent if you just drop the stupid-ass crowing about what you’ll do After The Election.

The raw facts in the issue are that America stopped being either a Democracy or a Republic before the ink was dry on the constitution. It’s, to misquote Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Government of the People, by and for the Corporate Bigpigs and if you ain’t got the will to have a real revolution you ain’t gonna do anything about it.

Deportation and Ethnic Cleansing

That should be “deportation IS ethnic cleansing” and it shouldn’t even be on the agenda in “the land of the free” like the lying song says. Nay, verily. But it is. The part about deporting anybody who is awaiting citizenship for even traffic violations has been kicked around, and really should be kicked out. It is in it’s entirety Racism. When people who chant loudly about deporting “aliens” the first image they put in each others stupid little pointy head is “Mexican”. Which to them means anybody who has a spanish surname and dark skin. Even the Native Americans who were bought and sold back and forth between Spain and French in what was later known as the Louisiana Purchase. When the U.S. racist government, at the time presided over by slave holding Plantation Aristocrats, it got the name Louisiana Purchase but there wasn’t any clear boundaries. This goes with my post that Zeb Pike was an Illegal Alien.  European kings who had never set foot in America sold Euro-American dictators not only the land, but the people on the land.    And sped up the already official policy of deporting Americans based on our ancestry. And religion.

A lot of the ethnic cleansing take-america-back-to-the-1840s racist movement circles around Religion. Muslims of course, and to the Hate Party that means stereotyped Arabic persons and American Black Muslims. Once the Hate Party gets past the current eulogies for Muhammad Ali, who they considered a traitor while he was alive, “They” are going to jump right back into the “Deport All Muslims” sinkhole they dug for themselves.

The deportations began long ago. After “french and indian war” victories by the British and their allies, much more complex than I just wrote but an order of magnitude more complex than the Hate Party describe it…

And before a group of exiled British Aristocrats like Washington and Jefferson, deported from England for not being the “right kind of christians” declared independence from their Parent Corporation, maybe y’all have heard of that…

But in this inter-Regnum inter-bellum period the English overlords started deporting Native Americans. Who were graciously granted by King George Hanover and King George Washington the prizilege of moving their entire nations to the Ohio. Even this wasn’t enough for the colonists. Oh, hell no! They made it a condition “intolerable” in the Declaration of Independence, along with the abolitionist movement in England. Their parent corporation. Oh, the Horror! Not being allowed to set up plantations on Indian land (ahem… that’s every square inch of America, y’all) and having their Human Property taken away from them, must have given the Plantation Aristocrats night terrors.

Daniel Boone, perhaps unintentionally, set up an incursion into the Ohio Territories, the Indian Nation. He’s considered quite the hero for breaking the treaties before the ink was dried. If Davy Crockett, who many Americans can’t tell the difference between him and Mr Boone, actually was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, the greenest state in the land of the free and all that other Mythical Bullshit, then he wasn’t born in even the quasi-legitimate Colonies but instead in The Ohio Territory. Cherokee land to be specific.

After the successful stalemate of the Revolution, the Indian nation was gracefully awarded another Deportation, this time to the New Indian Territories known as Indiana. They don’t write it exactly like this in the Junior High School history books, by the way. That’s because the educational system in general and the textbook publishers in  particular are Demon Spawn  err.. “descendants” of the sorry imperialist rat-bastard scum uhhh… I mean “patriots” yeah, that’s the ticket.

So Davey Crockett was what the anti-immigrant sons of bitc   errr Scions of Satan damn there’s no real way to politely address or describe these freaks, but they’re scions of immigrants who were in fact deported mostly from Europe because they were so very annoying and contentious to the point of being Criminals and Terrorists (There was a lot of Christian v Christian warfare in the past 2000 years and it’s probably best to strike the word “was” because it’s still going on)

But Davey Crockett was, like Virginia Dare, what the Haters call an “anchor baby”. Because it was land recognized by treaty as Cherokee land. For Gods sake, Tennessee and Kentucky are CHEROKEE WORDS.

How much more plain and simple can it get? 25 of the official 50 states have Native names (Hawaii counts) and if you count Indiana it’s 26. But we only have a massive political entity in Oklahoma. The place to where all the Natives or really the vast majority got DEPORTED.  As for Cherokee, the majority of the Cherokee nation are actually Christians. But, as noted before, Not The Right Kind Of Christian.  We’re Christians who made the heinous decision to be born in non-white skins.

There are at least two Graven Image idols in Downtown Colorado Springs depicting land thieves whose parents and close relatives of the assholes who enforced the Trail of Tears deportation of Native AMERICANS

Who don’t actually have the privilege of property rights. No, only White Anglo Saxon Protestant controlled corporations like Congress are allowed to have that.

Witness the Standing Rock Sioux who are considered trespassers on their own 盈彩彩票land, herded into a reservation , kind of like a really poorly managed (by the White Government) wildlife refuge, only for people. Deportation, confinement, the whole banana.

The two Idols we’re required to worship with our tax dollars are Winfield Scott Stratton, named for General Winfield Scott, the slave-holding bastard who commanded the Trail of Tears deportation. and William “Jackson” Palmer.

Land thieves, the both of them, and their namesakes. The Jackson Faction was really popular with White Supremacists like Stratton and Palmer. Got a little ahead of myself and committed a few grammatical errors. Sue bite me.

See, this culture of truly aggravated Colonialism and the ridiculous religious fantasy of Manifest Destiny /slash/ Dominionism have a lot of really stupid racist punks like Trump and Oil 盈彩彩票 representatives like the Clintons wetting their pants in anticipation of more land and oil and coal and moneymoneymoneymoney to be grabbed, at public expense. Dominionism and Manifest Destiny is encoded in the so-called Hymn “America the Beautiful” in the line “from sea to shining sea”.

It’s the pseudo-christian delusion that White Anglo Saxon Protestants have not only a right but an actual Duty To God to just take every square inch of land in America, at gunpoint and very often murdering lots of American civilians, including babies. It’s the basis of the “Deport all Aliens (except the western European descendants) and Religious Terrorists (See immediately previous comment) Movement” which at least one candidate is exploiting in order to gain the support of really stupid white trash Dominionist Terrorists.

By the way, the Manifest Destiny delusion encompasses ruling the Entire World.

In case you’re wondering if they’re actually serious, look to the Wounded Knee Massacre. The Greasy Grass (battle of Little Bighorn, Custer Battlefield) engagement was the 7th Cavalry enforcing their Manifest Destiny with a “punitive” action, they were going to PUNISH the Lakota and other Tribes who were on the Crow reservation without the permission of the Dominionist White Government.

Want more? Some of you don’t. But I, controller of this here keyboard, shall push along. Neither Stratton nor Palmer so much as squeaked a tiny objection to the law (still on the Colorado books) forbidding under pain of death the possession of the regalia of a Ute medicine man. Yeah, an actually encoded law that prescribes capital punishment For Being Native American.

Stratton was still a kid when the Sand Creek Massacre was ordered by General Palmer. He gets a small pass for that. The massive rip-off of Ute territorial imperative that enabled his Gold Mine in Cripple Creek?  Do you have any proof that he ever objected to removal (deportation) of the Ute population?

Do you have any proof that the lily-white descendants of Palmer and Stratton don’t get any royalt money from the Enbridge Dakota pipeline? I bet a dollar they’re up to their lily-white asses in the project.

Want to extend the bet to include the two headed monster we’re told are the only viable candidates for President?

This issue needs to be addressed by and to the DemonRats and the “other” party.  Donald Trump has already said Indian Sovereignty poses a terrorist threat. Probably has a lot to do with the Casino he owns and the Indian Gaming ones, who he has stated are a “racist” privilege and unfair competition to HIS gambling operations. And since he’s a real estate mogul (who inherited the business) he’s probably having wet dreams of all the reservation land and BLM land being privatized.

And guess what? The Clintons are in the Same Category.

Thieves, Liars. Perfect examples of the Real Estate /Energy development conjoined twins. Add in the requisite murders that would have to be committed and the vast huge OhMyGod number of murders their corporation has done ever since the Roanoke and Plymouth Rock land grabs.

Deportation for religious and racist reasons has been going on for a very long time. It’s still going on. In America it’s a campaign issue, lauded by many really hate-filled morons. It would take a police state budget larger than the one we already have to enforce it, but the mouth-breathing uneducated ones believe that Donald Trump is going to have the power to do it, and actually intends to do it. Ms Clinton says she isn’t going to do it. Just send the ethnic and religious “troublemakers” to the foreign wars, yeah, that’s the ticket.

So the foreign Huddled Masses yearning to breathe free can have an equal opportunity equal to that granted to most Americans.  Actually, they’ve got some excellent reporting going on, better than the U.S. press which is what the poor and huddled masses here are permitted. That’s why they fight so fiercely to not be assimilated with our mass stupidity.

Trump has also said the mass deportations are off the table. His followers and Ms Clintons disciples are both quite vocal that each is going to do exactly what they promised.

I don’t want to go to the inauguratiion regardless of who “wins”.

Too much hazards like lightning bolts, meteors, falling ceilings etc.

Especially when the least-repugnant-to-most-voters puts his or her hand on Scripture and solemnly vows to … damn, how should this best be put? Not being a raving jackass? not rip off America and the rest of the world, not kill a whole mess of perfectly as good or better than they themselves?

While the DC cops and the National Guard and Secret Service are busting the heads of demonstrators, the lying ass new Commander in Thief will be promising real justice.


























Not so much bread, plenty of circus.

At last the modern gladiatorial spectacle in Rio is over. Yay! To not take away any reward gotten by the slave-entertainers, if you won anything good for you. The United States didn’t win a single thing. Seriously.  The athletes who won any medals, those medals belong to the athletes. If they can make money from doing commercials, well, that’s about as much as they can get. At least they didn’t get sold like the original Olympic gladiators. I know, the term Olympic is Greek and Gladiator is Latin, but the Games served the same purposes whether Roman or Athenian. Keep the peasants eyes diverted from the dirty secrets of the rulers. And provide the very rich of many nations a review of their prospective purchases of slave-soldiers. Like the modern military recruiters only more direct about buying human beings to kill other human beings. And the military, you might have noticed, exploited the U.S. Olimpic athletes for recruitment ads and you’ll see more of that shit in the coming weeks and months. The Games never were about honoring the athletes.  Who are, like their professional counterparts in the NFL, MLB, NBA , hockey, soccer, whoever is more idolized in the local media,… they’re entertainers. That’s their primary job today. The teams are privately owned but publicly subsidized.  And there’s that military angle.

Anybody who thinks the Modern or Ancient Olympiads were about Peace are seriously deluded.  It was a meat market. And if any cops or other soldiers believe they’re regarded in any way more than property of their Masters, they too are seriously deluded. Their jobs are the same as those displayed in the ancient olympics. Killing other slave-soldiers and sometimes civilian slaves.

Not for the glory or freedom of their societies, just as now they killed and died to make money for their Masters. Don’t look to the presidents or senates or parliaments of any nation to be top-heavy with the Ruling Class.  They exist merely to keep the money flowing to the Ruling Class. Higher paid slaves, but still slaves. Betimes a Ruling Class person will dabble in politics himself. Bush, Clinton, Roosevelt, you know. A litany of (in)famous names.

But still the functions of government are mostly accomplished by bureaucrats who, like the elected ones, the “ostensible” government… are servants to the Ruling Class.

The ancient Olympians displayed their talents in such things as the shot put, leaping, running, swordsmen and archers, the discus, spears, … arts and weapons of war. Each Olympian could be sold to another king than the one to whom he had pledged his allegiance.  Just another commodity.

And just as the Olympics fade into the heat of the August sun, we get the finals of Baseball and the beginnings of the Football. Hooray! O Frabjous day, calloo callay! he chortled in his glee. And we all get to pay for it! Some of your state and even federal taxes goes to finance teams like the Rockies, the Donkos, the nuggets, who am I forgetting? Doesn’t matter anyway.

In closing, I’m going to put down the USOC for trying to have the entire Russian program disqualified.  The USOC insisted and to me, it screams that they can’t man up and try to win honestly. And their political motivation is clear to the rest of the world. They want to prove that American capitalism is better than Russian capitalism, and if they can’t get that by honest effort, “our” leaders would pull every dishonest power-play they could think up. Shame!






And Korea…. being rolled over by a new empire

Alternative Title, Probably more than half now.

They didn’t change their language or identity for centuries under the rule of Chinese and Japanese emperors. It is a very big feeling of pride and nobody should ever forget it. So what does our Empire do?  For one, they’re running whole villages of farmers off their ancestral lands, the ones built up literally from swamp into productive farmland by their ancestors and themselves, as it’s an ongoing process. They Worked For Their Land. Not the US Government or even the Seoul Government. And now, in the name of “Freedom”, the US military are stripping the land from the people who made the land. It’s not the first time, God knows. The whole American Empire has been built on stolen land. From the first successful english colony at Plymouth, which they named after a port in the country which basically ran them off.

The very first “free” Market Capitalist theft in America, the first Corporate Thieves. Or technically, the first English capitalist thieves. Not good at any kind of labor, especially farming, and they used their seeds to make beer the first summer they were here. Then the stupid bastards almost starved, they were rescued by a thousands of years old neighboring Socialist economic bloc rescued their shiny white english buttocks, Then they had a massive feast to celebrate, which the Socialist Neighbors actually catered, after which the english said, hey, good grub, thanks for saving us, now Get Off Our Land.

It’s been that way every since. Some of them, like the Heritage Foundation, are actually proud of that shit. They got the land seizures subsidized and got the land for little or no money out of their own pockets. We’ve got one such land thief made into an Idol at the corner of Platte and Nevada. Not really AT the intersection, IN the intersection Credited with “creating” Colorado Springs. Our Father who is art in the intersetion. You can’t adequately see to make a left turn onto or off Nevada or Platte. People have died from trying. That’s the level of Hatred for Native Americans or Korean natives and their cultures. Their Non-White Non-English much more civilized cultures.


The Anglo establishment in The US, a tiny minority even for White Americans, have a doctrine called Dominionism or Manifest Destiny which teaches that they, The English Episcopalians, (doesn’t help to be Generic  White or Generic Christian, most whites and Christians in America are not invited) are Annointed By God to control not just America but the entire world. WTF? I grew up attached to that culture. And I never got un-astonished (I’m from Texas, we make up words a lot) by how fucking arrogant they are.

In the Korean situation, the Seoul government has sold itself entirely to the Dominionist Empire. There were , a probable 10,000 “free” Korean cops and soldiers clearing out two ancient villages to make room for an American Base. All Must Bow and kiss the feet of the American Military. And this is in support of the  Project for the New American Century, which supposedly the Democratic Party opposed. Ha Ha what a joke that is. The PNAC wants the same thing as the Dominionists. Total rule of the entire world by their tiny minority.

Neither of the Annointed Candidates actually opposes it.

The South Korean government is just one more Vassal State of the Dominionist Empire. That’s a simple fact. Just as their Manifest Destiny forebears used taxpayer subsidized Military actions to take over so much of North America.


Baton Rouge police “militarization”

Even the Military have rules of engagement. Not that any US military are ever going on trial for war crimes, Reagan and Both BushWankers promised they would never allow that to happen. And since they’re fighting non-government resistance groups in the nations they have violently and without a cause invaded umm.. are nobly protecting and giving freedom to those oppressed yeah, that’s the ticket… the murders they commit is not counted as a War Crime and the propped up post-coup “legitimate governments” are complicit with American troops murdering their people… But here’s a thing, with an explanation threaded throughout, there is a code involving pointing weapons or having them loaded at all is only something you do in a Free Fire Zone, one in which you would expect just anybody other than your comrades is an enemy. They made this clear to ME first in High School ROTC, then in Basic Training. Soldiers on base or in civilian populations are not allowed to put ammunition into their rifles, pistols, revolvers or shotguns. Shotguns are forbidden as a weapon of war by the Geneva Conventions. Because of the hideous wounds they inflict. You NEVER DELIBERATELY AIM WEAPONS OR EVEN POINT THEM CARELESSLY IN ANY NON-COMBAT SITUATION. But the Baton Rouge police and Parish Sheriffs department did.

The one exception to the no-point rule (but not pointless) being the practice range. You don’t point them at People ever unless you have a very clear LAWFUL reason to fire those weapons. This might piss off some crybaby ass pigs but the Cops are NOT the law in their own persons. Even Kings aren’t, as demonstrated by Charles 1 of England losing his over the same kind of bullshit. ie having the military and militarized police kill English subjects. The English Constitution after which the US Constitution and Articles of Confederation and even the Declaration of Independence were based and founded. That might seem to be redundant. It isn’t.

They brought gas masks and the accompanying gas. Which is ALSO not allowed by the Geneva Conventions. The Pigs, military and civilian, have a ready answer to that, They simply state that there was no declaration of war by the United States since December of 1941. Thus they can mock the Constitution, rule of law instead of rule of so called law enforcement, and any Human Being that stands in their way on the road to Absolute Police State Imperialism.

But hang on, there’s more. I’ve already got published on this very website that the 4th and 6th Articles of the Constitution state that the Constitution itself is the law and basis of laws in America and shall be held as such in any state, territory, embassies, and ships at sea. And that treaties (like the Geneva and Hague Conventions) entered into and ratified by the Congress have the full weight of the Constitution. That means the way civilian protesters and the PEOPLE who are held in what the Police State Morons obviously consider their own private pleasure dungeons by LAW have the same protections of the Geneva and Hague Conventions. The Pigs disagree. And they have a small yet vocal Back The Badge chorus of people who lick their Pig feet and other portions of their anatomies.

So, what can be done in the face of the Police State, confederated, co-conspirators and accomplices before and after the fact Breaking The Law of the land with impunity? The Courts are, as my countrified relations put it, Worthless as tits on a boar hog. Judges and Prosecutors and even the Bar Associations have their tongues securely up the rectal orifices of the Pigs.

Yeah, punks, kiss that pig ass. Lick their boots real clean. But there are alternatives.

One is Violent Revolution. It’s not officially documented as such, but that was the means by which the government of the United States separated from that of the Crown of the United Kingdoms of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England.

It’s the basis of the English constitution as well. Don’t believe me, just have a seance and channel the ghost of Oliver Cromwell. He was a right sorry bastard but one nice thing he did was Not Having Himself Crowned. Much like the Slaver George Washington a century later. Mighty white of them. Revolutions are frequently in the wrong because they’re populated by Revolutionaries, who are Human and therefore fallible.

Lacking the support needed for a successful general revolution, one brave PATRIOT in Dallas blew away 5 of the oppressors while they were enforcing the Police Ban on people exercising their First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble to petition the government for redress of grievances.

The genie is out of the bottle. Both of the Standardized Politically Approved Parties have candidates for President who applaud the Police State actions not only in Baton Rouge but worldwide.  One of them, I won’t mention his  name but it rhymes with Chump, has called for further enhancement of the 523 years long sanctions against any residents of America who are arrogantly disobeying His Royal orders to comply with the standardized skin color and religious preferences. The other major candidate, and again I won’t call her by name has spent the past two and a half decades, as a Princess of The Realm, enforcing those same sanctions. Just not being as open-mouthed about it as her chump-ass opponent. So he’s more honest about his hatred.

But at some point honesty doesn’t come across nearly as virtuous, I mean, when people honestly hate me and wish to inflict imprisonment or other acts of violence, I can’t honestly applaud their honesty. Especially when they honestly believe the lie they learned at the Silver Spoon Prep School, about how they are so much better than the rest of us. Born that way, you know.

But you know what the true fuck of it is? The pigs who are doing the grunt work of blowing PEOPLE into corpses in Louisiana and Dallas and Colorado and Iraq and Syria and so ad infinitum… They’re not the so called Elites who make the decision to turn their moronic followers on the entire rest of humanity.

This is a paraphrase from a non-Black of what the

have posted. Who are an affiliated group with whom I have an account. For the purpose of comments on their reporting. And I keep forgetting my passwords. So rather than make a huge comment on their site, I put it here.

Soldiers are routinely run before a Court Martial or an Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Commanders Non-judicial punishment. For what cause, you say? Carrying a weapon with ammunition. And if you’re carrying “porting” your weapon with a round chambered, O my brother, you can kiss that Article 15 goodbye. It’s a Felony. There was a lot of ignorant while and at the same time, simultaneously if you will,  unlearned commentary about the “peacekeeping” force in Beirut in the 80s carried unloaded weapons. But the Army and other military, having thousands of years prior experience with weapons and centuries of experience with firearms, forbid you to do stupid fucking shit like that. It’s a definite NO. You have to wait for clearance to port your weapons with ammunition loaded. Trust me, it’s been that way for a long time.

The Cops, especially those Militarized ones like the CSPD, pointing weapons at the unarmed civilians they’re sworn and paid to protect, that’s so far out of line that maybe the option of lethal response from citizens  might be appropriate in certain circumstances. I can’t decide those circumstances for you. I can’t stop a revolutionary movement and right about now I really have no compulsion to do so.













England could have kept their white trash off our shores.

Being only slightly funny of course. But with Brexit being held up as the cause of the recent rise in anti-immigrant hate crimes, well, what went around came back around. Brexit is only a somewhat related parcel, but a separate deal. Her Majesty Liz the Second didn’t start it either. The emigrant problem has been in existence since the days of her royal namesake Liz the First, aka the Virgin Queen. Before her time, the notion of England being a colonialist power, on their way to being a Failed Empire, was speculation. But in due course and a lot of time and investment, they tossed a whole bunch of emigrants out of England, and later Scotland Wales and Ireland. To mostly North America and Australia and then as administrators of the Empire. To the native peoples of these lands point of view they were Immigrants. No time for a Latin lesson here, emigrant = going , Immigrant = coming.
A lot of them being religious fanatics, some being more earthy criminals, exporting their Episcopalian Jihad around the world. Especially in the United States. QE2 has been on the throne since before I was born. Just last month I was referenced as “the elderly gentleman who needs some help” at a store. So, yeah, she’s been on the throne a while. Not that the monarch has even veto powers officially. They did make big money off the colonial scam and the later full on Empire. But it came as a price. Not one the Royals have to pay of course. Except for the fall of their empire. In order to have a Constitutional Empire the people in the conquered lands become subjects. Then at the fracturing of the Empire they’re citizens. Or in the case of England, they can immigrate into Great Britain, the large island that holds Scotland, Wales and England. Freely. You did it to THEIR countries, now you have a problem. You can’t simply banish your Troublemakers like you used to, feh. Too damn bad.

I have white relatives, mostly Irish who aren’t actually british because they don’t come from the island of Great Britain. This is one of those posts where details are REAL important. Some of them were given the opportunity to get on the next boat to America or go to jail and probably the gallows. So they left, from the British point of view, and came, from our p o v. Some were Patriots, some religious and others in the category of Other Criminal Specialists. I realize that Britain was very strongly contentious about Having The Right Kind of Christianity. An Episcopalian Jihad in other words. They just changed the constitution to allow a Catholic to the throne. Haven’t had a Catholic monarch for such a long long time. Charles First and James Second had a lot of trouble with that. There was and maybe still is, a Conformity law. Meaning you have to go to the same church run officially by the Monarch. Being a Quaker, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or any other strain coughcoughCatholiccough… of christian got you jailed, executed or banished.

Being Jew or Muslim was straight out of the question. Pagans Wiccans and Heathens need not apply.

It’s where the word Non-Conformist actually began. BUT, the Monarchy coveted other lands not so much to directly rule but to extract the money and other resources from those other lands. Export as many violent criminals or religious or political and the terms overlap constantly fanatics. Sell them guns, enough provisions to keep the colonies going for a while. Rent the boats to them. Have the criminals you exported shoot the natives into compliance. Take the money without having the tiresome and expensive process of direct governance. In the United States the subsidiary of the Crown Corporation property management team have been given the delusion of being independent for the past 240 years. Changes by perception and aspect, but the Tail wags the Dog no matter which entity is declared the Dog at any one time.

The English never directly controlled any large parts even of America. That means the English illegal immigrants who “took over the management”. The chickens are already 盈彩彩票 and roosting, in America and England. The White Supremacists can kiss my ass. Here, in England, in Texas. Guess what, palefaces, you’re badly outnumbered, especially the English wannabee nobility. If you’re really polite and don’t do any more stupid colonialist bullshit like one group who were forced to come here in chains being killed…. Brought here because your ancestors couldn’t bring themselves to Pick Your Own God-damn Cotton, nor could they do something commonly recognized as good business like actually PAYING the workers who made exactly ALL your money for you and you had them forcibly suppressed. Hey, maybe you could emigrate back to Jolly Old England. I’m very certain you’ll be welcome there.

Or in a more reasonable arrangement, quit the killing and other means of trying to keep in permanent servitude your fellow descendants of immigrants and Natives. Don’t keep ripping us off with your so called “free” market.
Don’t send us to foreign lands to rob the people of all the resources YOU covet but can’t bring your own stupid cowardly lazy collective arse to Do It Your Own Self. You never abandoned the plantation mentality, now you punks are going to be forced to do so. You ain’t got anywhere else to go, bub.
Fuckin’ remember it. You want to start another race war in America? We might not win but You will LOSE.

Your beloved masters in London and on Wall Street ain’t going to be able to save you from the destruction you’ve unleashed.

Outside Agitators, anybody care to bet?

There’s more to the story than a southern Sheriff saying (I was going to write it in redneck patois, but it didn’t work) “our nigras were perfectly happy with segregation until all these Outside Agitators come down stirring things up.” It’s older than that. In the 20s and 30s the Pullman workers, actually not under the direct corporate structure of the railroads, had a really strong union. And George Pullman had hiring preferences for Black workers. For the young dudes and dudettes, a Pullman car was like a portable suite of bedrooms. It cost extra to ride that, as Pullman was a separate business. When train travel was the only way to really get anywhere in America in a reasonable time. So these guys had full access to any part of the country. Nobody stopping them and asking to see their travel papers, No “please step out of the car and keep your hands where we can see them”, no arrests for DWB or NWA (the second one is “Black person With Attitude.”) They were corporate employees. Nobody would hassle or detain them. cool, huh? I mean for this purpose.

So they were in a great position to distribute newspapers from other parts of the country, detailing the civil rights struggle nationwide. With contact addresses for civil rights lawyers. Stuff you wouldn’t find in the Dallas Morning News or the Dallas Times Herald. Or their equivalent in every ignorant bigoted redneck population in the south and places like Logan and Fremont counties here in Colorado. And El Paso County. And the civil rights movement or movements didn’t start in the 1950s.

The Pullman porters union were called Freedom Riders. They spread the word that there were places in the world where you could drink from the same water found and use the same restrooms. Really big between the wars. 1918 – 1942

Detroit Ghetto Riots, there were some in the 1940s. Whites spread a rumor that the Blacks were organizing to deliberately disrespect Whites. “Bump clubs”. Supposedly the Blacks were not ACCIDENTALLY jostling Whites in crowds. On Streetcars, buses, you know. Crowded spaces. And of course the Very Uppity Northern Negroes could actually ride in any open seat or space on the bus. Sit and eat (at least officially) at any lunch counter or restaurant. It was only idyllic compared to the Jim Crow south. The War was on and there were plenty of jobs building not Cars but trucks tanks jeeps etc for the Army. Lots of opportunity the South, rural and trashed to Hell and beyond by the Depression AND the dust bowl. The White Elite called them White Trash. So, mind you, we have a lot of people who were smart enough to escape the Southern Hell. Enlightment of a sort. Kind of a dim and vague foggy light but there was a spark. The riots started. Whites doing in Detroit what the Nazis did on KristalNacht. And the backlash. Armed backlash.

Under Jim Crow Blacks would be limited to either a .22 rifle or a .410 shotgun, single shot for either one and only birdshot in the shotgun. There was a weight limit and breed limit for dogs the Blacks could have. What do y’all suspect was a priority once freed by migration?

So the Blacks fought back. Then the National Guard joined in. Guess which side. Newspapers in the south would have decried it as violence by insatiably bloodthirsty savages.

Re-enter the Outside Agitators. Newspapers telling a far different story than what the Southern papers did.

Nowadays, we are treated to media giants broadcasting worldwide at the speed of about 2/3rd light speed. And we’re told by these Gentle Giants who have nothing but love and concern for our well being that Outside Agitators, one of the latest being ISIS are radicalizing Americans. We’re given lurid story after well, whatever scam The Leaders approve to give us the impression there’s a boogieman in our midst. But it’s not the Outside Agitators who are recruiting for the ranks of militancy. Unless you count the full weight of the Empire being applied to such things as Cops killing kids. Adults. Some white, some “mex”, some Black, to “control the security of the Nation”. It’s Government officials telling us that killing people is for their and Our protection. Like when the Dallas Police protected Etta Collins to death 30 years ago or Marvin Booker or Oscar Grant or John Walter. and a vast Army of The Dead being mourned across the country.

Like the Mobile VietNam Wall exhibit that’s coming this week to Colorado. Only the memorials to victims of the police aren’t exactly government sanctioned or subsidized. Of course the Pentagon sponsored eulogies aren’t in any way to boost recruiting and enlistment into the Global War On Terror or whatever the hell is the newest dumbshit euphemism for unbridled Imperialism.

And those who have received non-fatal beatings at the hands of the police. Yeah. People do remember those things. Much as the Government Sponsored “independent” corporate media try to bury the memories. Those are the events and people who create terrorism.

Kind of a “build your own monster” kit for the Police State.

The Dallas Police took a severe spanking yesterday for their long and bitterly resented War On Black People.

They’ve struggled against equality of privilege and rights since the beginning, during the Texas revolution.

Ah! the glorious 4th!

When once more we gather to burn up dead animals in our backyard, use explosives heedlessly and Most Important of All, listen to a bunch of Jingo speeches reminding us how the United States won every war ever fought, by our resourcefulness (using hijacked resources from every conquered nation), persistence, ingenuity, (like the european refugee scientists who kick started our Nuclear and Missile programs) and gosh darn it just plain old being better than everybody else in the whole gosh-darned world. It brings tears to my eyes and I get all choked up. Which is the body’s natural defensive reaction to the stench of decaying bullshit. And this bullshit has been decaying more than two centuries.
Happy Birthday, o marvelous Warmongering Corporate state! Remember to kill a commie for mommy, remember to win their hearts and minds or just burn down their god damn huts, and most importantly, remember the alamo. And the Shores of Tripoli. You know what the difference is? We only lost once at the alamo.

We gather together to celebrate the systematic destruction of the North American continent by a group of savage immigrants who believe they have not just a right but a moral duty to run the affairs of the entire world for the sole benefit of 1% of the population.

Open an older controversy

Sometimes I check the news stories to see if Eric is all right. Of course, the local newspropaganda outlets are pretty much all wrong all the time. Like this one issue from a few years back, a Council Critter name of Daniel Chacon took issue over Tribe not bowing down to his Royal City Council. The “free” press proved themselves to be the watchlapdogs of the local establishment. With no further ado, the first thing that comes when we’re searched on Google is this ridiculous video that calls Eric “cowardly” for supposedly “attacking” our beloved Civic Leader D. Chacon. In His Absence. Come on, now. That’s, to use a W.W.One trench slang, over the top. Seriously, how do you “attack” somebody without him being there? You would think that the minions of the local propaganda outlets like KOAA and the Gazette would at least TRY to learn how to use the English or any other language before, you know, using the language. I know, the incident took place years ago. But that’s what the search engine comes up saying every time. Calling some squirrel-like humanoid or human shaped squirreloid or maybe a person sized hemorrhoid a name, like crybaby fascist lackey (I think that’s what I wrote when this was actually new) is not an attack. An attack is when you strike somebody with a body part or other object. Somebody call whine-one-one because we need the hyberbole police and a waa-mbulance The cops behind whom Mr Chacon and his fellow lackeys hide attack people all the time. Usually when such a person is handcuffed. That’s my English lesson for the day, I hope the Chacon crowd can understand. I as always am “larnin’ all them yankees to talk english good like me” To the best of my knowledge the Shitty Hall folks only speak English, and that poorly.
You’re welcome.

Capitalism and the Workers Pair of Dice.

I had to do that. So, in 1994 NAFTA went into effect. In Mexico there were already the Maquilas. Processing and packaging plants for just about all of the Fortune 500 companies. Those that actually have products, only partly similar to Banksters who don’t produce anything, except debt. Banks spend other people’s money. Invest it for a fee. If your investment pays off, they get a fee. If the investment doesn’t pan out, they still get a fee. But the maquiladores like Ford and General Electric, Coca cola, just any company you could name got tax incentives to move their facilities there, also exemptions to environmental protection laws. They could literally dump their shit into the drinking water of Juarez and all points downstream. And since one side of the stream is the US, Texas to be specific, well, they couldn’t let the stuff into Texas’ drinking water from the Texas side of the Rio. So they dump it from the Mexican side. With NAFTA in place and PAN as the Puppet Regime, capitalism comes to the socialist economy of Mexico. Hooray! But wait, there’s a darkside. So dark many Americans can pretend they don’t see it.

With all this new Capitalism ruling Mexico, you would expect that people would not have to immigrate at least temporarily to the US in order to make a living. But you would be expecting for a long time and never seeing it come to fruition. Each year the Capitalist Overlords in America tell their DorkSide followers to complain about the floods of illegal immigrants. And they make sure to note that each year the flood is more than the last. Why would workers, definitely not lazy in any way, (that’s one of the complaints against the migrant workers) want to leave their 盈彩彩票s and families for months or years at a time, go to a place where those who hate them the most hold high government and social powers. Go there and be abused as thieves for simply surviving, threatened with prison or death if captured… IF The Situation In Mexico Is A Massive Capitalist Success Story.
Since we’re told in the hate-media that the tide of immigration increases each year, that means there has not been one year out of the past 22 1/2 when there was LESS immigration than before the Capitalist Workers Paradise took effect. Yet the proponents all say that they’re giving the Mexican people more opportunity. If that was true the people would never come to the US and have to put up with socially retarded Klan related groups of cowardly morons like the Border Patrol and the Minutemen imprisoning them and sometimes lynching them.

This is my only-one-cup-of-coffee morning rant.

Thought it fair to give a little warning. This involves the national orgy coming up Monday. Yeah, the 4th. If you want to see a really cool spectacle of what that’s like, wait until the 12th and check what happens in Belfast. Yeah. The Orange version of St Paddy’s. To celebrate the Union victory at the Battle of the Boyne. Only in recent years, the Orangemen are feeling like the Union disowned them and threw them to the Green Irish wolves. They find it to be, how should I put it, distasteful. Because, you know, they’ve experienced approximately 300 years of being able to beat the living dogshit out of Greens, legally. And now they can’t. It’s a whole pallet of boxes of Hertz Donuts. So, in my perspective which doesn’t end at the limits of American Territorial Imperative. which is a real phrase coined to legitimize Imperialism. A long time before I was born. Especially now, when Washing Tundy Sea has decided the Territorial Imperative is global. Maybe we WILL be invaded by an outer-space contingent who are somewhat troubled by the attitude, expressed by Goering damned near 80 years ago that the Third Reich “owned the world AND SPACE”. What if certain ET political entities decide that the US is getting uppity and would want to try conquering all of space? If they’ve been watching Star Trek re-runs and the Independence Day movie, along with the NEW one, seems somewhat like Pentagon propaganda? At the time the movie was declared ready to roll, the Army WAS (and still is) using it a recruiting tool.

This rant brought to you by National Geographic, which has a front cover “The Founding Fathers” which just about always makes me want to puke. Just look at all the corporate bullshit we’re supposed to buy for the celebration. Stuff from party city, 盈彩彩票 depot, every corporate entity is somehow trying to profit from telling you how necessary it is for you to buy their crap. Otherwise you will be outcast, and shunned, as an Unpatriot. There’s a party supply purveyor who blatantly use that. This is a sadness. But the Founding Fathers demand it. Whoever they were.

If you can’t wait until the 12th to see what colors my perception of this, just look at the videos from the past 10 years. Videos of Belfast.

Hillary, Reagan, Shirley Temple and the Sudan Child Soldiers

I met a guy in jail from Sudan. Seems Halliburton is swarming over the country building a pipeline, to hook into the existing pipes in Libya. There’s apparently no other viable route to the sea, in this case the Med, except through Libya. The opinion was passed back and forth that the entire takeover and new puppet dictatorship in Libya was for that purpose. That conversation was about three years ago. By the way, Hillary is (although heavily invested in the fight) a figurehead appointed by her masters. So was Ronald Reagan and every other puppet president Amerikkka every had. The visible Government make exactly no decisions of their own.

As for child soldiers, they’ve been given a pass for a long damn time. During the Reagan Regime, the US state department blocked a Security Council resolution against using children as military or militia or paramilitary. Which would exclude high school JROTC and Boy Scouts. Which, yeah. They ARE paramilitary. ROTC is directly under the control of the Pentagon and Boy Scouts, you’d have to read the book by Baden-Powell and his reasons for founding them. The British Army were employing kids as young as 8 to be buglers, drummers and scouts. Kipling wrote about it in “The Drums of the Fore and Aft”. The scouts had a shocking casualty rate, because kids are really fearless. Street gangs everywhere use kids as buffer troops, messengers, essentially “scouts”.

So Scouting For Boys was written to give the lads a little bit more of a chance of growing up. A more civilized solution was later implemented, simply don’t send kids into war. People who pretend to being civilized should start acting that way.

Anyway, the Security Council Veto blocks any international enforcement. The General Assembly voted in a similar resolution, but GA resolutions can’t really be enforced. What I thought then and still do, it’s perfect irony that the veto was entered by of all people former child star Shirley Temple Black.

I’m convinced the US military would draft or induct kids in a split heartbeat if they thought the public would allow it. For the same reason the paramilitary groups do.

Brexit and the Impending Apocalypse

Just so there’s no confusion, I’m not going to ridicule people for saying the end is near. It might be, or not. This is more of a treatise on Jingoist Pulpits. I know that politics is a major part of a preachers life just as it is for any other. You get 50-100 people together in a church, every one of them has some sort of political opinion. I personally have several… hundred… or so…     But when I was a kid there were dire warnings that the proposed at the time United States of Europe was the Antichrist. Kind of jingoist in that nobody ever (in America at least) trots out The Revelation to question America and the notion of United States. States being sovereign entities. Like Shakespeare in  Hamlet “there is an odor of decay in the STATE of Denmark”, and the character Mike Stivik tells the character Archie Bunker exactly that and gets the reply: “shows how much you know, Denmark is not a state… (dramatic pause) …it’s a city in Colorado”.                       Provincialism strikes yet again. But get the notion of a United States of Europe and people get flat out irrational. So all this begs one question, if the EU breaks up, does that mean the Apocalypse is canceled?

I’m of the opinion that everybody catches the bus. That’s a metaphor for ‘dying’. We either catch it as individuals, as groups of individuals and at some point all individuals en masse. That’s easy to process. I’ve heard the Apocalypse just over the horizon  along with the Rapture, which isn’t even mentioned in the Bible, it’s an interpretation of several verses in different books of the Bible glommed together. A lot of Christians say we all get to escape the torments of the final days. That is, “all” Christians who believe exactly the same way as the person preaching it. With exceptions on the definitions of course. But one thing is certain, if you ain’t rapture-ready you ain’t entitled to the benefits of Heaven if you catch the bus the old fashion way. It’s not a matter of how many people get on the bus with you. Rapture theory clouds that notion a bit and gets people thinking ‘oh, hey, I don’t want to miss the rapture’ but if the extreme views of the Rapturists is true in every aspect, you would only have 7 years to catch the bus at the Second Coming anyway. What’s that, you ask? What about that “behold I come as a thief in the night, no man knows the time” well DUH!

But, here’s one very strongly hyped sign of the end… breaking up. And it goes back to Jingoism. Americans and ONLY Americans are moral enough and smart enough to enjoy a united culture with a single currency. No arguments are permitted.  And as a bonus we get to tell everybody to go to hell. Literally.

You don’t know when the bus is coming, cool. Live your life like it’s coming in the next ten minutes, always. And one day you’ll be right. The same rules of judgment cover it every way. I know I’m going to hear a furious chorus of explanation as to how the latest antichrist isn’t exactly and there’s new interpretations to explain it. I remember going to a party in 1986. June 6th. Which was a Friday. And a Full Moon. And Ronald Wilson Reagan was supposed to reveal himself as not just an Antichrist but THE Antichrist. I found that out at the party. Bunch of satan worshippers. They were preparing for the glorious announcement. It was WHY they were partying. I was just looking to score a couple of hits of acid. Which I didn’t get. And I didn’t hang around. I somehow feel that I didn’t miss anything important.

There was a Rapture Party many years ago by followers of a preacher named Miller. The Millerites had bought Ascention Robes, and quit their jobs, because they had The Exact Day of the Rapture. October 22 1844. I can’t predict that there won’t be a Rapture. Or if there will.

What would be a spectacular waste of time is using Rapture prophecies to put your own flawed Nation-State on a high and exalted pedestal. That and the large risk of Blasphemy. But if you really want your Nation-state or any other way to put the term “sovereign entity” as being so great that others should envy it, the easiest way would for you to Make Your Country Worthy.

And that deeply excludes stupid shit like conquering other people for the profit of a few very wealthy families.


Rapture as a political propaganda engine. What if God doesn’t approve?





Well, it DOES have the word “correct” in it

Just a synonym for “right”.  One of the candidates for a high office said putting Ms Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill was “pure political correctness” Woo hoo! Hallelujah! It’s finally been decided that politics should be done Right! and doing right is good politics!  As for Jackson, apart from being a slaveholder, he was a real estate tycoon who sold land before the residents of the land were even informed they were being evicted, because of their skin color. A racist thief in other words. And a murderer, let’s not forget that part. He couldn’t do the evictions without a credible threat of killing people if they didn’t give it up. And he had a whole shitload of people killed. American people, in case that makes a lot more difference to Some People than it does to me. It would be really kewl to have a picture of the old racist bastard burning in Hell, but I suspect that establishment doesn’t allow cameras.

US has Duty to protect against Domestic White Sex Slavers

Beat the drums, play the pipes, fire up the drones, we have a new target. This one I get to choose. Barbara Nimri Aziz. has an article (see link) that starts with the propaganda about the Incubator Babies, one of the lies told in the buildup to GulfWarz One, Operation Deceptive Storm and goes to Syrian and Iraqi ISIS as being purveyors of sex slaves.  And of course only Muslim men ever practice such a thing, right? No such thing could ever happen here in AmeriKKKa, right? Not by people, surely, with names like Al or Harry or other western good ol’ boy WASP nominally Christians, right? So let’s have drone strikes against New Braunfels Texas or Reno Nevada or any other sovereign entity that shelters these dirty dogs. Come on, lads, let’s go rescue the ladies in the U.S. of A…. Here in the 盈彩彩票land. Let’s wipe out the cities and suburbs harboring the “christian” sex slave owners. And not just those Funny quasi-christian cults like LDS or SDA,  living in compounds out in the bundoks, where there aren’t any impartial witnesses, just the BATF and FBI agents word against conveniently dead from Suicide By Cop, let’s get the Catholics, Methodists, Baptists…

The witnesses could go before Congress, just like the suspiciously Non-Educated Arab women who, with no school permitted to them but they speak very fluent English, like the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat who hadn’t been to Kuwait since her early childhood but somehow became a Kuwaiti Neo-Natal nurse overnight, and “saw” Iraqi soldiers throw preemie babies on the floor and stomp on them.

Come on, boys, we have to back up the propaganda, legitimize the war effort, why not make the war actually equal on all fronts, eh? Fetch out the torture freaks and burn their towns to the ground? Israel did it to Israelites as recorded in the book of Judges.

Not just killing off their kinfolk in the tribe of Benjamin but, when there were only a couple thousand Benjamite men fighting a guerrilla resistance in the desert, they repented of their evil in almost erasing a whole tribe of their own people, the Judges decreed that a city, Jabesh of Gilead, should be destroyed and all males (cough cough ahem including babies) and any women who were not virgins should be put to the sword

BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T FERVENTLY AGAINST THEIR BENJAMITE COUSINS AND THIS WAS AN EARLY RECORDED INSTANCE OF “IF YOU’RE NOT WITH US YOU MUST BE AGAINST US” and by the way, this IS in the Bible book of Judges chapter 21. Verse 12 says only 400 young virgins were spared. To be given as brides for the soldiers of Benjamin.

and y’all know we can’t criticize the Modern State of Israel or their ancestors at all ever. So I won’t. But if it’s good enough for Israel it must be good enough for America. Especially as Our Noble And Righteous Leaders have used the excuse to kill a whole lot of people in other countries. And even a few times here.

All we have to do is rename them as Not Really Christians, a favorite tactic of Crusaders throughout the history of The Church. Shit, when Richard Couer d’Leon aka King Richard of Robin Hood fame, the Black Knight from Ivanhoe and other pseudo-historic Anglo Saxon chronicles, yeah, THAT King Richard, sacked Akra and Jerusalem but especially in Akra he had his men shave first then kill everybody who had a beard.

Meaning not only the Muslims but Jews and especially heretic Greek Orthodox Christians. Who, if you believe the propaganda against modern and ancient Islam, there would be exactly NO Jews or Christians permitted to live in the Holy Land, right? I mean, that’s the story and apologists for the Crusades past and future are sticking to it.

Our current wars in the Middle East are just extensions of the Crusades anyway.

Keep the traditions of the Crusaders alive, any so-called christians who stand in their way must be apostate and heretic. Let’s kill everybody in AmeriKKKa who doesn’t swear allegiance to the New Crusaders!

And all I had to do was strip the flimsy outer layer of the mask worn by the War Party in America today.



and Saladin didn’t have to do much to gain a  reputation for honor and nobility. All he had to do was not be as much a self made bastard as Richard Lionheart.

More Fallujah

I feel that it’s my duty as a Christian but even more deeply as a human being to remind people of stupid shit like this.  You remember when exactly the name Fallujah crept into the American Psyche? I do. It was when the Bu’ush regime kept banging away about the Ba’ath party under Saddam had done a heinous slaughter… against Fallujah. This works along with the story I heard straight from some of the American airmen involved where the USAF was patrolling the Northern No Fly Zone to protect… wait for it… Dramatic pause here… So you’ll remember… the irony…. The Kurds. And one of their jackoff pilots shot up a flock of sheep including whoever was tending the flock of sheep. In Kurdistan.

That’s the same place the USAF stood down and allowed the Turks (NATO) forces to bomb the living fuck out of Kurdistan… yeah, that happened. At least once. Didn’t get much press at the time, now, did it? THIS IS NOT ANCIENT HISTORY.  The PNAC (who are enjoying a resurgence) laugh about their Corporate Advertising “free press” have gotten Americans to think in sound bites, and the People have the attention span of a goldfish and wouldn’t remember something six months after it happened. We have had visitors to the site (this one, the one you’re reading unless some other enlightened souls pick it up and reprint it) who claimed to be U.S. Marines and advocated turning Fallujah into a sheet of glass. Maybe they were grunts. Who knows? People lie a lot on the internet (that’s a Dog Bites Man story like Gee, it sure is hot in Texas or Damn, the Government has been lying to us) But these guys did at least believe that notion to be valid. Drop a Hiroshima on the town. They probably don’t recall where exactly they posted it. Some people are really proud of having no real attention span.

They consider it to be patriotic.  The bastards who herd these sheeple have a formula, called the News Cycle. The theory, actually practiced and actually successful, is that when a particularly embarrassing incident happens, they simply wait for the next News Cycle because the Horreure Du Jour will knock out any conscious recall of their prior fuckup.  And I would bet there will be twice as many people angered enough to remember that I dropped two F bombs in this narrative, twice as many will recall that than the number who will remember anything else in the post.  So I’ll put in a Jewish concept even though I am most likely pure Goy. It’s called Mitzvah. Kind of like the Bar or Bat (first is boy child other is girl child) Mitzvah that Jewish kids have to make at age 13 in order to be accepted as adults in the Tribe. They have to first prove to a rabbi they know exactly what they’re saying, that they have studied the Whole Law and understand they can’t possibly KEEP the Whole Law but… they swear to do it anyway. That’s the biggest Mitzvah. It’s a promise.

Well, I promised God and man that I would be the best and most prolific gadfly I can possibly be. When the Mighty Ones tell us bullshit, I am going to remember what they said in their previous News Cycles and put it in their smug fatuous faces. Last week the pundits predicted that Fallujah would be pacified within a few days. Turn it into the next Green Zone. They said that ISIS was falling apart, deserting in masse and …. they said that two years ago too. They also said that (whoever They are) the same thing in 1965. Many times. And 1966, 67…. and so on, about the Viet Minh “Cong”  We just numbed our minds to the exact number of times the Pentagoons and Presidential SpokesFreaks said it or exactly when. But it was a constant point. We were always told the Light At The End Of The Tunnel. McNamara told us that and by golly every presidential mouthpiece from their to eternity kept it up. We were to expect the fall of Hanoi every week.

I didn’t forget that, either. I would bet every dollar you have that some people wish the hell I would forget. Just ain’t happening folks.



That Kurdistan v Stupid USAF Pilot who couldn’t tell the difference between heavily armed humans or sheep incident… Happened in the waning days of the Clinton Regime. Bill and his (elephants were taken by surprise so captain marvel zapped him right between the eyes … sorry) advisors and Bush all said that no civilian ground targets were every fired upon. They lied. again. Stop the presses, the government lies and a man bit a dog… That line I poached from a Beatles song on side one of the White Album , was about Bungalow Bill aka General William Westmoreland of VietNam infamy.


The real reason for Father’s Day and it’s plenty messed up

December 6th 1907, a coal mine in Monongah West Virginia.    300 + miners killed. Explosion. Lots of widows and orphans. If you look for the origins of Father’s Day on google you get about three pages of purest crap about it being a brainfart ummm. brainstorm  by some lady in Spokane three years later. There were lots of coal mine explosions, between coal dust, methane and the need for lighting inside of each shaft. This was the worst in U.S. history. Now instead of killing dozens of miners quickly and all at once, the Coal and Petroleum and “natural gas” fracking operations and strip mining big bosses like to spread out the death over generations. You know how some people say “I’d like to say that whatever crap”  but, no. I wouldn’t like to say that I sympathize with the creators of the mythological First Father’s Day in Spokane.  I’m sure a lot of people prefer the feels-good-gee-gosh-golly crap explanation. Because the truth is really ugly.

Like I said, the Big Energy companies make it seem safer, by omitting the part about how your soil, water and air are contaminated by shit from their wells, fracks and strip mines. What we don’t know won’t hurt them in court. And of course whine and snivel, like Jack Graham, that all those pesky regulations like “don’t dump your oil gas and coal trash into our drinking water” are somehow hurting the Little People. It’s a tiresome argument. That and they want to “develop” the energy resources just to give us opportunities. Which is bullshit. They only want the opportunity for their stockbrokers and other criminal connections get paid. They don’t give a fig about our bottom line. We’re expendable, the same as the mountains and streams. The only time they think about our needs, like clean air, water and soil to grow food, is “How do we con these guys into letting us come in, fuck up their entire world and leave as soon as we are no longer showing a profit?”

Get in, rape the land and rob the locals and get out. So, no, I don’t prefer the upbeat crap about the origins. It’s a story the Big Coal companies use to hide their guilt.

Jack Graham says environment toxic

Meaning the “business envirornment”. He apparently feels that too much regulation is making the Corporate Bigpigs a little bit Not As Rich as they believe they deserve, and by golly he’s going to represent the Big Pigs and screw any of us poor folks who have to endure shit like radium, uranium, lead, mercury, petroleum products, smog and so forth in our soil, our water, our air, our bodies and those of our children. Also he apparently he feels the disenfranchised former union laborers are making too much money, and the Corporate Investors DESERVE many times the reward for their backbreaking efforts to go to an air conditioned office and count money all day than those dirty stinkin’ laborers who actually make the products and services the Corporates sell. Yeah, lazy bums, thinking that just because our labor puts exactly ALL the money into the bank accounts of the idle rich, means we could or should expect at least a living wage.

Of course he wants us to believe that he’ll represent We the People, but did you ever notice that fat chance, slim chance and no chance all mean the same thing?

Bunch of God-damn parasites. Hey, boss-man, pick your own damn cotton, bitch. See if you and your lazy ass sow and piglets can have their privileged lifestyle if you had to actually earn the money yourself.